Web Development


Having a website is useless if no one is actively using it, or encouraged to continue using it. In todays competitive online environment, having a clean functioning website is essential in attracting, and retaining customers. At Winnipeg Website Design we have a quick, and simple development process with which we can supply you with the website and online presence you deserve as a company.

One of the first steps we take when you’ve made the move for a new website, is to learn what you types of functionality you require your site to do. Working in a group with you, we will identify what the core function of your website is to be. If you’re looking for news letter sign ups, a shopping cart installation, or just an informational site which you can use to serve information to your customers, these will all factor into what is needed to design and develop your new site. Once we’ve identified the functions of your website, we then move into the development of the form (design).

Developing your websites image, design, and layout is a fairly straight forward process, and often utilizing your existing information and logos if you happen to have them. Most companies have an image of their business, and it’s this phase where we can bring that vision out. We’ll work closely with you in order to capture what you have in mind for your business, because the end goal is to satisfy your needs as a client, and produce a website that meets your businesses needs, as well as your visitors.

After passing the basic color scheme and function stages of the website development process, we take that information and begin putting together the site that you’ve been waiting for. The design and development of your website is just as important to us as it is to you, and as such we bring all of our skills to the forefront for you and always build for usability.

Before we move your new website from our testing servers to the live server, we do many separate tests and ensure that once gone live, you have a smooth transition to the new website. We also offer after launch coaching, and tutoring to help teach you to keep the website updated yourself, which saves your business thousands of dollars over the years.

Other Services

Professional Logo Design

Logo design and the opportunity to brand your product, service or organization, is a key component for any successful company.

Winnipeg Web Design works to create smart, attention-grabbing and professional logos that not only are visually appealing to the viewer.

Content Management Systems

Through our own Custom Content Management Systems, you or your employees are able to maintain and update the content of your website.

All pages are updatable with simple online forms, and password protected so only you will be able to change the content on pages of your site

WordPress Integration & Set Up

WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems out there, originally for blogging, now it’s used for everything.

Our Lead Developer has been using WordPress since before they called it word press, he can lay out all the good reasons you should use it.

Custom Web Applications

We know that the key to a successful site also has a lot to do with the content and applications that are offered to the user.

Unique applications that are customized to meet your client’s or customers needs will be what keeps them coming back time and again.

Data Importing/Exporting

Over the years data collection systems, and methods you may have used become outdated and cumbersome, it’s not always difficult to upgrade.

Depending on how exactly your web data is stored, we can export/import that data to more usable formats for today’s data accessible era.

Content Additions/Management

Loading a new site with content is often a long drawn out process for someone new at updating through content management systems.

We can help out with this, just provide us with all the content and we can make sure it gets into the right categories, pages and prices.

Shopping Cart – eCommerce Set Up

If your website needs to be able to sell things online, you most likely need a shopping cart of some kind (there are dozens).

We can take your needs and what’s available and match up the perfect solution for you, contact us for more details and pricing.

Email Newsletter Design

You’ve got a website, and an email list of customers, now it’s time to send out a monthly/weekly newsletter to keep them in the know.

We can review your goals and compare your options and help you along the way to newsletter heaven.

Landing Pages – “One Page Wonders”

One page wonders, or landing pages have various uses to your business, and can increase revenues for special events, deals, or products.

We can design these for you, and incorporate your logo, brand, colors and style for maximum branding potential.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Designs

We can create header images, profile pictures etc that showcase your brand and new look on your social media pages.

This is usually reserved for clients who have used us to build their website and incorporate some social media into them.