Heat Assault

heat-assault Heat Assault is a local company with a huge global concept. Pest control, and more specifically, bug control has become a big industry in our big cities. With bedbug epidemics in many of the centers, a solution was needed to effectively rid a residence or location of bedbugs at all stages of growth, including eggs.

Enter into the equation Heat Assault. They eradicate bedbugs entirely by attacking them with heat. By rapidly bringing temperatures up to 120f to 140f, the insects and their larvae, pupae and eggs are dead. This removes the headache of spraying in intervals over weeks or months to ensure all newly hatched eggs were dead on initial spraying.

Our design plan for Heat Assault wanted to showcase the technology, but also educate the consumer and show them why Heat Assault was the right answer for their problems. We wanted a clean fluid design, but still with a little color and character. Also as requested by the client, there is a focus on the green aspect, and that Heat Assault used no chemicals and was one of the industries most efficient heat removal solutions.

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