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About Winnipeg Website Design

Winnipeg Web Design is a team of artists and programmers that have dedicated their careers to creating innovative, user friendly websites that meet the needs of their clients. WWD’s head designer has been creating web graphics for over 13 years and has an excellent grasp on what needs to be incorporated into a successful website design. Our programmers are well versed in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, and have completed many projects using common platforms such as WordPress, Magento and Shopify. We can implement countless applications to meet your specific need.

Whether you’re a small company just starting out, or a larger company looking for a fresh new look, we want to work with you to create the perfect web presence for your growing business. Online branding and brand recognition are 2 of our specialties, generating hundreds of thousands of local clicks to localized business websites. Working with you, rather than for you, our group is always readily available to discuss your site at any stage during the creation process, and we encourage you to contact us at any time, even if it’s just to discuss some new ideas you want our thoughts on, or to ask us a few questions about your internet marketing strategy.

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Start your project off proper, and let us come up with a solid plan for future web dominance for your business.


We design the look that will grab attention and create action from you potential customers.


All our websites are optimized for the best user experience across all devices at no extra charge.


We make sure to understand all elements of your website vision & communicate all stages of development to ensure all costs are presented upfront with no future surprises.

Our Services

Winnipeg Website Design can take your existing web presence and give it a new and modern look, or start from scratch, and through proper planning and design, create you and your businesses an online web presence.

Turn visitors into customers, and customers into fans. Our team will work hand in hand with you (or your team) to help turn your ideas into functioning and memorable web experiences. This page mentions most of our services, but if you are interested in something that is not mentioned, please give us a call or Contact Us.

Our websites are all built to allow you to do simple changes to your content like changing a paragraph or adding a new picture. We believe in the “teach you to fish” analogy when it comes to managing your website, leaving you the capability to make changes without getting nickel and dimed down the road. We’ve heard awful stories from past customer who were locked out of their own online business, unable to access their website, and only provided the option to pay their provider to make simple changes for them. We give you the access and the tools to successfully and independently manage your content.

Once the development cycle is complete, our development team will train you on the basics of the system, giving you control of your message.

Logo design is a key component for any successful company, both online and offline. Winnipeg Web Design works to create smart, attention-grabbing logos that not only are visually appealing to the viewer, but also can be easily carried throughout the various marketing avenues you have available. Your logo becomes your immediately recognizable image that defines who your company is to the public, so it needs to be done right.

In the initial stages we will have a meeting to ensure that we know the requirements of the project, we cannot create a design without asking what you really want. Once we’ve decided on the direction you would like to proceed, we will take some time to research your business, your competitors and your ideal target audience. Your logo, as an extension of your business, needs to be relevant to your niche market whether it’s coffee beans or balloon salesman.

Once we’ve completed matching the vision of your design, we meet with you to share the final product. During the process we often develop multiple design choices for you to consider. We will then ask for your feedback, and if there are any corrections to be made we will then address them.

Once your logo has been completed and designed to your satisfaction, we will then deliver your finished product in a format you can easily use. High resolution, easily scaled images and complete files with which you can use for multiple media formats.

The design of your company logo becomes your identifying element which when properly created, will become your businesses legacy and be a perfect match and compliment to your brand. Contact us now to begin the process of making your name and website known to the world.

As important as it is to drive traffic to your website, its equally important to make the experience as intuitive and easy as possible for your customers. We use our design & marketing experience to help you maximize your website real estate, ensuring that the pages you want your customers to read are easily found.

A great website is not about bells and whistles, it’s about knowing your audience and what they are looking for. It’s also about helping them know “what to do next.” Many website visitors leave a site because they couldn’t find what they wanted or it wasn’t presented to them at a time when they likely needed it. We create a map that will guide your users through your website to the actions you want them to take, in a natural flow, so your bounce rates stay low which increases your chance at capturing that lead or sale.

Winnipeg Web Design is a team of experienced graphic artists and web programmers designing professional websites for both large and small companies. We bring your online vision to reality on budget and on time.

We first meet to learn more about your business in Winnipeg to understand: who your clients are, what products or services you are most interested in highlighting and what actions you want your customers to take online.

By understanding how your business operates, we are able to recommend the optimal features and user interface to maximize leads and/or sales generated through the website.

Whether you sell a service or a product, your website needs call to action to direct customers in how to do business with you. Our team will work with you to develop concepts and applications within your website with the aim of improving your chances of turning visitors into customers. We explore a variety of strategies such as A/B testing, unique contact form development, cart abandonment notifications, pop ups, navigation flow to name a few - all with the aim of further qualifying leads to ensure you are able to itemize the best from the weakest to help you close more sales.

We identify a variety of touchpoints for consumers to get in contact with you, and formulate strategies to provide options for these consumers to reach out based on their demographics and where they are in the buying process.

Winnipeg Website Design offers a number of hosting packages with various features, all of which have been included with your convenience in mind. We have a number of hosting arrangements we can work with you to provide, but all of our plans are comprised of the following, required in our opinion, basic services.

2gb of online storage – The amount that we’ve arrived it may seem inadequate in todays world where you have a 500gb hard drive in your computer, but web storage is a different environment. The storage counts towards the assets required to effectively run your website, that includes the images, videos, flash images or static images you may like to use. And where the internet is concerned, the more steamlined you can be the better, so we will ensure that your files and web architecture are properly compressed for maximum speed.

10 email addresses – Our basic email hosting plan is served up with online accessibility, as well as being designed with an email client in mind. The preferred method of access should always be Outlook or a similar email client, as it will download and backup your emails for you if you need to access any of your information, at any time.

Unlimited Bandwidth – With the internet becoming more and more available to users, from a PC, mobile device or a tablet computer, having unlimited bandwidth is more like a requirement as opposed to a nicety.

Unlimited tech support – Our door is always open at Winnipeg Website Design if you should be having an issue with your existing website. This is an accessible feature, one which can be used whether or not you’re an existing client, or someone who needs to have a site issue addressed don’t hesitate to contact us.

Weekly backup of your site – We ensure the security of your site and make sure to take a backup of it on a regular basis, just in case the unthinkable happens. If your site suddenly has a major issue, we can quickly remedy the situation with the backup with minimal downtime.

Our Portfolio



Logo Design, Website Design & Development

Project Outline:

The Lux Group are a fast growing luxury rental property company with hundreds of rental locations worldwide including those of film, music & sports celebrities. They wanted a logo and website design that would exude all that is luxury as is the expectation of those that rent from them. They approached the team at Winnipeg Website Design with some basic concepts for their logo design, and were blown away with was created and what has now become the anchor of their brand both online and offline. Further to the mandate was a website that would easily segment villas by a number of filtering methods and that would easily connect interested renters with the Lux Group team for booking reservations.


The success of the brand & website development has helped the company to secure large partnerships with other rental resellers around the world, and develop a strong niche in the Bahamas where luxury real estate is at a premium.




Website Design, Website Development, Content Management System & Conversion Rate Optimization

Project Outline:

LCL Spas – a well-established family run business in Winnipeg - had recently went through a rebranding & relocation, and required a new website to reflect the new image, as well as, determine strategies for improving the quality of leads being received through the website. They wanted a design that gave the feeling of relaxation, playing up on the very benefit most sought out by consumers of their hot tub & outdoor leisure products. Dramatic changes were made to the overall navigation of the website and in the flow of call to action, and the ability to manage their own content was added. As well, new product lines were introduced that needed to be integrated into the design and navigation without sacrificing their core business as a leading seller in the category of hot tubs.


The result is a website that is much more engaging, improving their bounce rate and has delivered a much higher level of qualified leads.




Website Redevelopment & Redesign, Conversion Rate Optimization & Content Management

Project Outline:

Dr. Jay Buenafe had been practicing family medicine in Manitoba for some time; however upon completing his education & training in non-evasive vasectomy procedures, he wanted to really push out his face and image to residents of Manitoba. A website had previously been built, however, his team was unable to make any simple changes to content, and requests through the site were low. Strategies were implemented to better highlight an array of benefits to different demographics that were not being found on the previous website. As well, the Winnipeg Website Design team consulted with other media Dr. Jay was utilizing to synergize branding efforts.


Improvements were made to the contact forms to streamline the process and the result was increased leads being generated from the website, and a growing awareness in Winnipeg to the brand of “Dr. Jay”.




Website Redevelopment Redesign, Conversion Rate Optimization & Content Management

Project Outline:

Caribou Falls Lodge provides some of the best fishing & hunting in Northern Ontario. The son of the previous owners was taking over the business and wanted to decrease investment into traditional media that drove most new business and instead work to increase leads for booking coming through the website. The Winnipeg Website Design team started by pulling elements from the original design, improving upon them and implementing them into a modern, mobile responsive platform that allowed the client to make his own changes – mainly adding pictures of happy guests and their game.


Testing was done with different call to action buttons until a “best approach” was determined, in turn increasing sales from May to October an average of 14% over the year previous – the largest growth since the early days of the lodge.




Website Design, Website Development & Content Management

Project Outline:

Arts Junktion is a not for profit, mainly volunteer run organization aimed at repurposing materials for use by local artists and schools. With a limited budget to work from, the Winnipeg Website Design team were able to integrate all the needed functionality for the organization to connect and communicate with their community. It was imperative they have full control of all content, with editable calendars to push upcoming events and community initiatives.


The ability to make donations and to take payments for events & classes was key in the website development, helping turn what used to be a brochure on the organization into a thriving part of their involvement in Winnipeg’s local arts community and a key element in supporting revenue generation to cover operational expenses.


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